Candidates' Frequently Asked Questions

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•   I'm having problems logging in

You will need to enter one of the following sets of details:
• First Name
• Last Name
• Date of Birth
• Post Code
• Password


• Username
• Password These are the details you have originally entered on your application form.

•   Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, please click on the following link: Forgotten Password

•   Can't move on to the next page?

Have you entered all mandatory information in correctly?
Have you carefully read the instructions/error message on screen?

•   Problems uploading CV?

Please note that the system is only able to upload documents in MS Word, RTF, HTML or TXT format and of a certain size (size restrictions will be stated on the page). If you are experiencing difficulties please contact our helpdesk.

•   What are Job Alerts?

Job Alerts is a service that notifies you of new vacancies which match your requirements. You tell us what you are looking for and we'll email you as soon as matching jobs are published. You can manage your Job Alerts once you have logged in from your personalised candidate home page by clicking on the Job alerts link.

•   Invalid email address?

Your email address has been set to invalid by the system. This may be because your inbox was too full to receive a communication from us and it bounced back. Please login and check the email address on your record.

•   National Insurance number

Please note that this field is not mandatory and you may leave this blank if the system either does not recognise your National Insurance number or if you are unable to remember it at this point.

•   Overlapping/clashing dates - Employment History

Please note that the system is unable to accept clashing or overlapping dates and works on a MONTH/YEAR basis. You will only be able to enter one record as your current FULL TIME job. If you are actually working in more than one of job at the moment you must choose PART TIME or TEMPORARY for the others.

•   Degree details

To select your Degree Course click on the down arrow to the right of the field and select the one that applies. This is not a complete list of degree courses and you should therefore choose the most similar one. Take advantage of free text fields (such as Additional Information) to expand on your degree subject further if necessary. The Graduation Date will be in the future for students in their final year. When you have completed all the information, click on the "Next >>" button to continue with your registration or, if you have registered before, click on the "Save" button to save your details or the "Cancel" button to abandon any changes and return to the Edit CV Page.

•   Having problems on the first page of your application?

Enter as much information as you can - the more information we have the better the service we can provide you with. We recommend you use normal sentence case throughout the system. The fields marked with an asterisk e.g. Title, Surname, First Name, Home Address, City/Town, Postcode, Country, Email, Gender, Date of Birth and Password are all mandatory. You must re-enter your chosen password in the verify password field as an extra check. To select a Country or Gender click on the down arrow to the right of the field and select the one you require. If you do not wish to reveal your gender to prospective employers please choose "Undisclosed". When you have completed all the information, click on the "Next >>" button to continue with your registration. If any of the details are invalid or any mandatory fields are blank the PeopleBank Error page will be displayed. Amend your details and try again!

•   Are you adding your Employment History?

Click the "Add New Job" button to add a job to your employment history. It will be automatically inserted into your job history according to start date. Your employment history is listed with the most recent job first. Jobs without a start date will appear at the bottom of the list (this can only happen on CVs originally entered via paper form). To update or delete a job click anywhere on the relevant line to bring up the full Employment History page containing details of that job. N.B. The system will reject periods of employment where the start and end dates of more than one permanent job overlap each other, so take care when entering the dates. When you have completed all the information, click on the "Next >>" button to continue with your registration or, if you have registered before, click on the "Return to Menu" button to return to the Edit CV Page.

•   I am trying to fill in my application form but nothing appears in the drop down lists

The most common cause of this is that your internet browser has a computer language called Javascript turned off. To check this and view more information on Javascript you should use the help link at the top of the page, on which the first paragraph refers to Javascript and directs you to more information, including how to activate it in your browser.

•   I am trying to fill in one of the essay questions but it keeps telling me I have exceeded the character limit

Essay style questions contain a character limit to ensure that you are concise with your answers. Characters include all letters, grammar and spacing. You will see a counter below the field which will indicate the characters you have remaining.

•   Has my application been received?

On submission of your application you will be sent an application receipt email from the company to which you applied. This will be sent to the email address you registered within your application. You are able to check whether your application has been submitted by logging in to your candidate profile from where you will be able to view your applications and see whether it has been "submitted" or "not yet submitted".

•   I have viewed an advert but when I click to apply I get a message telling me that the advert no longer exists / is expired

Our clients often use our technology to publish their vacancies onto third party websites such as Job boards and Agencies. Sometimes there can be a delay in these third parties taking down expired or cancelled vacancies. Our recommendation is that you visit the career website of the client you are interested in, where you will see a list of real time current vacancies.

•   Timed Out

The problem you have encountered is due to a period of inactivity on the website. Activity is classed as clicking links and buttons to see different pages. If you stay on one page for any length of time longer than allowed by your service provider the website sees this as inactivity, as there is no way for it to know you are still there (when you just type in a browser form there is no exchange between the remote PC and the database). Our recommendation is that you prepare your essay question answers off-line then copy and paste into this section when they are all ready.

•   I am trying to register/apply for a vacancy but I keep getting a message regarding Real Player

The Real Player installation software installs a downloading utility which integrates itself with internet browser. A certain combination of characters in our web address triggers this software. To prevent this occurring please follow the instructions below:-
On your desktop click on Start ->
Programs ->
Real ->
RealDownload ->
Disable Browser Integration.

•   I am trying to fill in my application form, it is asking me for a password but I do not know what this is

The password is for you to determine and will be the password giving you access for future visits to the website. Please make your password something memorable to you and do not disclose this to any other person.

•   I need to contact your recruitment team regarding a interview/assessment centre I am due to attend

PeopleBank power the technology behind numerous recruitment websites and as such are not involved in the recruitment process on behalf of these companies. For questions directly related to the following please contact the client directly or visit their website:
• More information on an Advert
• Update on an application which has already been acknowledged
• Details on Internships and graduate programmes
• Contact details for clients

Contact the Candidate's Helpdesk

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