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There are times when you will want to supplement your pool of applicants with directly-sourced candidates that could benefit your business. The trend of this in-house recruiting is not particularly new, but what is new is how PeopleBank can help you achieve this. By leveraging Daxtra's unique Multi-source Searching we can enable you to search your own Talent Bank, external CV Databases and Business Networking sites all from one interface with one set of results being returned! In practice this can mean searching for a new prospective Head Chef or Store Manager across your current pool of talent, automatically going out to the likes of Monster or Caterer (or whatever Job Boards you use for searching their CV Databases) as well as your personal LinkedIn account, collating all the results together and presenting them back to you with group of any likely duplication as well as live clustering of skills. This advanced Recruitment Agency technology can then be used to "drill down" into the results based on their skills and even instantly capture any new external candidates that are interesting to your company and communicate with them immediately or assign them to an open vacancy.

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